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Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negara
Inland Revenue Board Malaysia

The Inland Revenue Malaysia is one of the main revenue collecting agencies of the Ministry of Finance.

The Department of Inland Revenue Malaysia became a board on March 1, 1996, and is now formally known as THE INLAND REVENUE BOARD OF MALAYSIA.

The Inland Revenue Board was established in accordance with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia Act 1995 to give it more autonomy especially in financial and personnel management; to improve the quality and effectiveness of tax administration.

The agency is responsible for the overall administration of direct taxes under the following acts :

  • Income Tax Act 1967
  • Petroleum (Income Tax) Act 1967
  • Real Property Gains Tax Act 1976
  • Promotion of Investment Act 1986
  • Stamp Act 1949
  • Labuan Offshore Business Activity Tax Act 1990

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