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  Must Have Software
  Security Centre
  Anti Spyware/Adware/Trojan
  Anti Spam Mail
  PC Monitoring
  PC Firewalls
  Internet & Email
  Internet Browser
  Email Client
  Audio & Video
  Media Player Software
  Media Player Codec
  Adobe Flash Player
  Design Tools
  Photo Editor
  Microsoft DirectX 9.0C
  Adobe Reader 8
  Instant Messenger (IM)
  CD DVD Burning Software
Must Have Software for Windows XP

Enjoy safe, useful software for your computer.

Software  recommended for every new install home PC System

Provides Real time protection against viruses attack.

You are advised to install ONLY ONE antivirus software in you PC.

Anti Spyware/ Anti Adware / Trojan Software
Powerful and Free Tools to scan our PC system regularly against hidden Spyware / Adware or even prevent your browser being hijacked.

You may need to install ALL the recommended Programs.

PC Monitoring Software
Real time program that monitoring the activities of your PC system against attack of Virus, Spyware, Adware and prevent your browser being hijacked.

You are advised to install ONLY ONE out of the two software recommended.

Anti Spam e-mail
Tools that allow us to filter, delete or bounce the Spam emails easily.

MailWasher Free is a stand alone software that startup automatically when you start your PC and stay at the system tray, and it will notify you when got new incoming emails.

SpamBayes is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook which tightly integrates classification and training into the Outlook interface.

Audio & Video Media Player Software
Most Popular Media Players that play most of the media format in the world.

You may need to install ALL the recommended Players below Media Player Classic, Winamp, Apple QuickTime, Real Player and Windows Media Player.

Media Player Codec
Codec need to support the above Audio & Video Media Player.

You may need to install ALL the recommended Codec.

Adobe Flash Player
Enjoy the most vivid content on the web, watch video without extra downloads and interact with applications on your favorite sites.

Internet Web Browser
Beside pre-install MS Internet Explorer, you may need another Web Browser for better experience.

Another reason is if your MS IE being hijacked, you have another alternative way to access internet to download antivirus or anti spyware tools and utilities.

The award-winning Firefox 2 Web browser is now faster, more secure, and fully customizable to your online life

Photo Editor & Tools
Find, organise, edit and share your photos

You need the this to run Java applications on your Windows computer.

Microsoft DirectX 9.0C
You may need this for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements such as full-color graphics, video, 3D animation, and rich audio.

Adobe Reader 8
You need this software to securely view, print, search, sign, verify, and collaborate on PDF documents, online as well as offline.

Instant Messenger
Connect with your friends via IM or free voice calls. Send and receive files and voice messages easily and quickly




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