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  Must Have Software
  Security Centre
  Anti Spyware/Adware/Trojan
  Anti Spam Mail
  PC Monitoring
  PC Firewalls
  Internet & Email
  Internet Browser
  Email Client
  Audio & Video
  Media Player Software
  Media Player Codec
  Adobe Flash Player
  Design Tools
  Photo Editor
  Microsoft DirectX 9.0C
  Adobe Reader 8
  Instant Messenger (IM)
  CD DVD Burning Software
Must Have Software

Windows Live Messenger
Connect and share instantly on the world’s most popular IM network

Yahoo! Messenger
Enjoy everything Messenger has to offer: free voice calls, webcam video, file transfers, photo sharing and more.

Google Talk
Voice and IM application - Connect with your friends via IM or free voice calls. Send and receive files and voice messages easily and quickly

Software in Google Pack.

AOL Instant Messenger, AIM
Instant Message Your Online Buddies for Free

The largest multi lingual community on the Web! Download ICQ, meet new friends, find old pals and get together with people around the world!

Voice, video and chat,-  Make free voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype.  Call landlines and mobile phones at pretty low rates

Software in Google Pack.





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